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The State and Role of R Shiny in an Organization

As I have been doing R Shiny Web Development for the past few years. I wanted to share my experience of what I see when it comes to things such as:

  • Position Type (Contracts)

  • Excel Automation

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Automate Business Decisions

When it comes to the work I've done across companies like Coca Cola Florida, Transamerica, Ovintiv, McAfee that I've worked with in the past couple years all of these positions have been contracted on either a W2 or Corp to Corp agreement. So the questions is why is this work largely contracted? The answer is R Shiny is still relatively new and believe it might be hard for companies to established full time budgets. Also keep in mind, the rate/salary for an R Shiny Dev will be higher than a Tableau, Power BI, etc. as it requires some strong Object Oriented Programming skills.

A large aspect of projects I do initially is automate excel operations. i think we have all been at companies where someone has built some crazy Excel Workbooks with complex macros developed over several years. For this, I essentially translate that Excel into R/R Shiny. This provides a quick win on the project as you can emulate the Excel in the application so people feel comfortable with the User Interface.

I would say after the automation piece the next big task is to have the application make good business decisions for you. What better way to do that than build a predictive model in the application. By taking some historical data from a client, we can do a variety of analysis to answer the question. Some common techniques are cluster analysis for customer segmentation, linear models to predict and validate decisions, and time series forecasting for quality data dealing with time.

The last and most critical part of these projects is creating value for the business. How does this web application help the business? Does it save others time? Can it predict sales to help give the most effective promotion for max ROI? This should be the main focus of development which requires a strong project manager.

Those are some of my observation in the space and how R Shiny can be and should be used.


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