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Data Architecture & Business Intelligence for Smaller Businesses

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Data Warehousing... These are all popular buzzwords that get thrown around for data in the worlds of ETL (Extract, Transform, Loading data), Data Storage, Data Governance, and Business Intelligence. Although these buzzwords are in fact the future, this future state has very little impact on your local coffee house, pizza shop, or startup. Sure, you have bootstrapped your way to success and it would be great to understand your data better such as taking a closer look at attrition, segmenting your consumers, and forecasting your workload but the bottom line is, "what's the price?". The fact of the matter is that data architecture solutions are built primarily for large companies who have terabytes or pedabytes of data. What if you have a few gigs? Why would you pay for a suite of products through multiple tools at the same price?

As we at Majestic Data Solutions have seen this first hand at variety of different size companies, we aim to provide a tailored fit approach to your needs so that we are answering your specific needs and being a thought partner of how to approach thinking about your business. Let's talk through this process:

Step 1) Reach out to set up an assessment. During this process, we assess the data sources at your disposal. We also assess the scope of the "so what" of looking at the data.

Step 2) After we have assessed the scope, a price will be proposed to get a ballpark price range but know discounts apply.

Step 3) We extract the data sources you have in house into good old Amazon (Amazon Web Services) so that you are safe and secure in the cloud.

Step 4) Provide visuals for actionable insights of what the data is telling you.

Step 5) After you digest the data, we provide follow up of cleaning data in order to ensure data quality and potential additional data visuals. We can also augment your proprietary data with some 3rd party or secondary sources in order to identify market trends, provide insightful market research or just append to your current data to provide more cuts for different looks of your business.

We are using open source software as the data community is progressing at an exponential rate, you pay for the expertise of the person setting up and framing your business compared to a bulky software not tailored to your business. Not to mention the cost of human capital it takes to operate these machines. Let us help you free up your time so you can focus on what matters which is running your business intelligently now that you better understand your data.

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