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 Santa Rosa Real Estate 

The data captured through this study analyzed thousands of homes and hundreds of neighborhoods within Santa Rosa County, Florida. We analyzed buying, selling, and renting behavior over the course of two decades to identify historical and seasonal trends. 

What We Did


Individual homes analyzed over 20 years.

Scraping Data to Gain Unparalleled Insight

Using a simple algorithm to pull data from Zillow's online home listing and renting interface, we developed a comprehensive analysis of home values by season and location in Santa Rosa, Florida. The app was developed for use in the real estate industry.

The results from our study determined that average home values in Santa Rosa were rising at nearly 15% annually, and homes were on the market for an average of only 2-3 months. Overall, we determined this market was prime for investment.

Our Results


Annual growth showed clear promise.

 FIFA Player Analysis 

By capturing and aggregating data from the major soccer leagues across the world, we were able to benchmark performances, skillsets, and attributes for nearly 20,000 players in today's top leagues.

What We Did


Player-related data points

Aggregating Data to

Benchmark Performance

By compiling, cleaning, and then standardizing vast quantities of FIFA data related to soccer players, performances, and metrics, we created a global benchmark for measuring the skills and attributes of players across the top 50 soccer leagues in the world.

The analysis we developed enables players and coaches to analyze competitors and prospects by league, team, and country to determine benchmarks for speed, strength, and skill for use as a professional scouting and player analysis tool.

Our Results


Unique player benchmarks.

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